The artist

My name is Mariapaola Marchetti and I live in Ponte in Valtellina (Italy).

I'm an autodidact artist. In 1999 I began my artistical instruction with the teacher Simona Cao in Italy; I studied porcelain painting with her for five years.

In 2001 I opened my atelier-shop, and I began selling my creations. I also started to give porcelain painting lessons. I exposed some of my works in collective exhibitions.
In the next years I began to keep seminars of porcelain painting in my atelier and in other locations in Italy.

In august, 2014 I obtained the IPAT certifications as international teacher and artist in the United States.

Prizes won:

First prize at the Italia Show 2013 in Rezzato (Italy) with the work "Symphony of the Sea"
Fifth price at the Salon international de la peintre sur porcelaine of Paris (France) with the work "Dreaming Paris"
Second price at the Italia Show 2014 in Rezzato (Italy) with the work "Orient Garden"
Third price at the Mostra Internazionale di Pittura in Rome (Italy) with the work "La Dolce Vita" (The Sweet Life)
Third price at the Monumental Exhibition of Porcelain Painting in Lisbon (Portugal) with the work "Zeus Shield"
Silver Ribbon at the IPAT Convention 2014 in Orlando (Florida) with the work "Ocean Colors"

Note: all prizes have been won in the professional artist contest

Prizes won by my pupils:

Second price (amateur) at the Italia Show 2014 in Rezzato (Italy) with the work “Tree of Life”, made by Franca Faggini

Main Exhibits:

Exhibition of three works at the “Convention azzurra” in Varese (Italy)
Exhibition of the work "Lantern Dance" at the Salon de Porcelaine of Lausanne (Switzerland)
Exhibition of the works "Lantern Dance" and "Symphony of the Sea" at the prestigiuos “Fondation Pierre Gianadda” in Martigny (Switzerland)

In this gallery you can see me with some of the most important porcelain painters of the world.